Daily Mile Path

Daily mile paths are becoming more and more popular as Schools aim to provide an all weather surface for their children to take up the Governments challenge of walking a daily mile.  Find out more on our Blog post here

The idea is fun and simple for all schools to participate … every day during school time, thousands of children across the UK are encouraged to run , jog or walk a mile.

The Government has tasked schools to tackle childhood obesity and they are not expecting schools to fund this alone as there is a way to finance this initiative through the Sports Premium.

Schools with more than 17 pupils can receive £16,000 + £10 for every pupil.

Nationwide school Business Managers are committing to The Daily Mile path challenge. Our Daily Mile paths encourage thousands of primary and secondary school children to walk or run a mile a day.

The aim of this initiative is to hit childhood obesity head on and assist with improving physical and mental health, along with creating a sense of wellbeing … all of which has been shown to increase everyone’s concentration and focus alongside a healthy diet.


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  • Choose the surface that suits your daily mile path

FLP design and install Daily Mile paths …

in a variety of surfaces colours, shapes and lengths to suit your available space and more importantly your budget … combine your daily mile path with one of our new combination trim trails and you’ll receive excellent value for money for years to come.

Choose from artificial grass, wetpour, bonded gravel or carpet to add the finishing touch to the sub base for your very own mile a day path.