Crosshall Junior School

The Project

At FLP, we know that having a new and fantastic adventure play area for the children to enjoy for future generations is a very important part of school life. That’s part of the reason why we build our equipment to such high standards and offer 15 year guarantees on the timbers.


Julia Elliott, Long standing Head teacher at Crosshall Junior School had been working with her team of governors for almost 2 years to fundraise and develop plans to replace their Outdated Adventure Play area.  Sadly, one of the key members of the governor team passed away during this time, and so in March this year effort was re-invigorated with Julia at the fore to create a fantastic and new play area as a fitting tribute to the memory of an integral member of the school governing body.


The school first got in touch and told us their situation; so on a very wet March morning in 2016 we were on site to conduct an in-depth site survey, taking all necessary measurements and photographs to allow us to come up with a new concept plan for the area.  After a few back and forth discussions between our sales & design department and the school, we were chosen as the successful contractor for the project and work was scheduled for installation over the summer holiday.


The final Design, was a full £65,000 re-vamp of the area, to include complete removal of the old play equipment, fencing and old bark chippings (which wasn’t an easy process as due to the wet weather the bark ended up weighing in at over 150 tonnes) once gone we could then start turning the area into an all weather surface artificial grass space with new fencing, and a whole host of different and challenging items of play equipment form our brand new themed product range. The Play area now features;


  • A Fantastic 3 tower, 2m high Castle Unit, with rope bridges, climbing ramps (and count them) 2x stainless steel slides
  • A 2.4m High Spinning Net Cone Climber
  • A Multi-user Stand Up Seesaw
  • Trio of Gymnast Bars
  • Balancing Trim trail including Swinging Steps, Burma Bridge and Springy Beam
  • Luxor Playhouse
  • The Polo Activity Climbing Unit, with Cargo Net and Balance Beams in the centre of the area


The play area installation was completed over the summer holidays and FLP were invited back at the beginning of September to attend the inaugural ribbon cutting ceremony and open day!


“It’s Amazing” said Julia. “The old play area was so unimaginative compared to this, the children absolutely love the castle and the spinning net is a definite hit!”  “The Artificial grass is bright and vibrant and because its all-weather the children can keep playing on the equipment all year round”