Spring Common Academy, Cambridgeshire.

The Brief –

To drastically improve the large area at the front of the special needs school, including removal of trees, undergrowth, current structures and re-landscape the complete area including the provision of all weather surfacing, fencing and an outdoor canopy.


The customer was looking for a one company solution – a company who could tackle a wide number of aspects of the installation which would include significant landscaping and excavation as a number of areas within the space were unsafe, especially for a special needs school. They also then wanted to create a more uniform open play area with some form of safer surfacing, with the addition of enclosed fenced areas backing off of the current building and classrooms. These enclosed extended classroom areas then also needed to be covered by an all weather structure.

The Project

As this was a large complex project, many discussions were had at the outset to discuss the scope of works required, the parameters that needed to be met and whether FLP would be able to provide the one supplier solution.

As FLP are in a unique position of both manufacturing bespoke equipment and employing directly a multi skilled range of installers and fitters it became apparent to all that we could indeed provide a “one stop shop” solution for the project.

The landscaping works involved the removal of old stone, brick and timber built constructions, some unwanted trees and shrubs and the excavation and levelling of the complete area for the installation and fitments of stone base works and a new all weather full colour Wetpour Surface.

A bespoke Canopy was then designed, built and supplied, constructed from construction industry standard Glulam Beams and a clear steel and polycarbonate roof structure stretching the full length of the building, thus incorporating all of the outdoor classrooms beneath, which were then in turn bordered and contained using multi-coloured timber and HPDE rainbow palisade fencing.

Security controlled high steel fencing was then installed at the access points to the area and additional land drainage installed in the area of the all weather surfacing and at drainage points from the bespoke canopy.

Current retained features were treated sympathetically and worked around, including the Willow Tunnel area which was excavated and re-turfed so that this also looked like a new feature and was incorporated into the overall design plans.