Anchor Public House

Water Themed Multiplay Unit

The village of Little Paxton has recently got itself ship-shape and the Anchor Public House has been taken under new management, refurbished and re-opened to great fanfare.

FLP were contacted to rejuvenate the old and unused outdoor garden area to make it more appealing for families and a safe and inviting place for children to play while parents have a well-earned drink or two!

All in time for the relaunch of this place to eat, meet and socialise within the community.

Our new range of Safalog laminated timber multiplay units are brimming with activity and challenges for all ages and one of our Water themed units with its bright blue and white fascia’s, bubble windows and underwater theming was the perfect choice.

Reinstalling an old spring rocker to make the most of the available space in the area, the entire space was then finished off with an artificial grass surface making it all weather and safe all year round.