Wetpour Repairs Exning Parish Council

When it comes to the upkeep of your public play areas, the actual safety surfacing can be overlooked. With it’s natural rubber properties, wetpour will eventually need repair around the edges where natural shrinkage can occur over time.

With Exning Parish Council this ongoing maintenance of their wetpour surfaces had meant children had been safe and only the odd patch and edge repair had needed.

Now however was the time to give the playground safety surfaces a real makeover and so FLP undertook to relay the wetpour bases and whilst onsite repaired and refurbished the Multiplay Unit as well.

The differences are striking … it’s amazing how different and inviting a playground can become after some new HDPE panels, some paint and some new wetpour safety surfacing

old-surfacing-around-playhouse-exning-cambridgeshire resin-bound-wetpour-rubber-wetpour-surfacing-around-playhouse-exning-cambridgeshire