Explore Steel Modular Play

Rios Explore Multiplay

No human has set foot in this jungle before. Monkeys screech and swing from the vines, while lions and snakes lie in wait in the dense undergrowth. The explorers have to keep their eyes and ears open, and exercise extreme caution with every step.

But discoveries don’t just happen – so it’s a question of tightening your tropical helmet and moving further into the wilderness.

Exciting worlds take shape in their imagination when children have fun in a play environment in which they can Explore. Our range presents a wide range of play equipment which when combined creates the perfect Explore universe for your particular playground.

EXPLORE has been designed in collaboration with children. Children are our experts, and together with them, we have designed the most fun playground equipment which intelligently stimulates child development in every way.

We also provide a nationwide installation service using experienced personnel trained in the appropriate British and European safety.

Welcome to the world of Explore – are you ready to go exploring?

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