Footpath Play Park, Poringland

The revamped and renewed play area at Footpath Play Park in Poringland, Norfolk was a positive outcome to a sad situation.  We were devastated to hear that in May this popular playground was now just a charred shell after being burnt by vandals.  The multiplay, safety surfacing and nearby equipment had all been affected and was unusable, which caused huge disappointment for the local community.  Having supplied the original play area, FLP were the obvious choice for making right the damage.

Poringland Parish Council had been very happy with our original design, and most importantly it was popular with local children.  It was decided that we should replace it as far as possible with like for like play equipment, just adding more up to date features.  The new multi play has a natural feel with a more streamlined design to give a slightly more modern look.  We have also provided a new birds nest seat to replace the original one that melted in the fire.  The play park was then finished off with some brand new safety surfacing and now looks even better than it did before!