Jonas Early Years Foundation Stage Miniplay Unit

Thanks to its size and the number of play activities, it accommodates up to 10-12 children. The children can access the play environment using the traditional stairway with low steps and handgrips or via the crawling ramp. The crawling ramp has steps which can be used for holding onto and crawling up, or – even harder – walking up and keeping your balance. The bridge not only connects the two towers – children can use it as a place to pause and observe their surroundings through the window, or play hide-and-seek.  You can view our Miniplay range in the eyes of children through our product video

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  • Low Level Deck
  • Miniplay Bridge
  • Platform Access Steps
  • Ramp Access
  • HDPE Slide
  • Peep Through Tree
  • Steering / Key Activity Panel
  • Crazy Window
  • HDPE 3D Engraved Panels
  • Stainless Steel Fixings
  • 20 Year Guarantee On Metal Supports

Jonas is designed to support children’s motor skill development from about six months and up to four years. One of the really exciting play panels is the car/bee panel.

On the outside of the panel is a beehive and a moving bee, which flies from flower to hive. The height and the meandering track both challenge children’s fine motor skills and their sense of movement.

The other side of the panel resembles the view from a car driver’s seat with a key, steering wheel, gears and a ‘speed’ control, represented by a tortoise and a hare. The key hangs from a galvanised metal chain, which stimulates the senses and fine motor skills, and makes this panel perfect for little fiddly fingers.



Product Dimensions: (LxWxH) 3100 x 2660 x 1770mm

Safety Surface Area: 36m2

Safagrass Mats: 25 (37.5m2)

Perimeter: 24

Critical Fall Height: 0.6m