Kennington Park, London

The Brief 

to rejuvenate an area of the park devoted to adult fitness that was currently fitted with a few items that were damaged through vandalism which were beyond their commission’able’ life and in some cases were inappropriate for the heavy use and the increased demand for this type of equipment within public spaces.


FLP had delivered within the previous year, a large and expansive range of adult fitness equipment for Lambeth BC on a separate park (Clapham Common), which had been a great success and received much praise both locally and nationally. It was with this in mind that Lambeth Borough Council again approached FLP to design, cost and deliver a similar style project tailored to the needs of the smaller Kennington Park.

The Project

After consultation with both Lambeth Borough Council and members of the local community, and independent fitness instructors; FLP designed a circuital layout of items that included a range of both steel and timber constructed pieces. Multi overhead bar fitness stations were complimented with Abdominal Crunch benches, gate Climb obstacles and other lower level pieces to be used for step up and balance work, all designed to provide a full body workout.

High quality design specification, longevity and safety are at the forefront of all FLP installations, and with this in mind a premium quality all weather Fibrefall Rubber Safer Surfacing was installed beneath the higher items to ensure durability of the surface beneath these high use pieces, along with protection against injuries caused through falling off of the items.

This was then complimented by using Safer Grass surfacing beneath the lower items again to ensure longevity of use and prevention of surface wear within the footfall areas.

And finally, a bespoke circuit sign was then designed and printed to Lambeth Borough Councils requirements, including all safety notices and logos, depicting the layout of the circuit, details of the pieces included and advice on use

For more information regarding Kennington Park please visit there website

If you are interested in seeing how this equipment is being used then take a look at the following video.