Olivia Early Years Foundation Stage Miniplay Unit

The play environment accommodates up to 10-12 children, who are guaranteed heaps of fun romping and charging about in the exciting surroundings. Among other things, Olivia features the popular shop. The small handle is used to sound the bell, while ‘goods-in’ are received through the rubber hatch – both of which help develop children’s motor skills and encourage role-play. You can view our Miniplay range in the eyes of children through our product video

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  • Low Level Deck
  • High Upper Deck
  • Miniplay Ramp
  • Butterfly Window
  • Steering Wheel Game Panel
  • HDPE Slide
  • Door Bell
  • Letter Box
  • Shop Counter
  • HDPE 3D Engraved Panels
  • Stainless Steel Fixings
  • 20 Year Guarantee On Metal Supports

In the small shop, the sky is the limit in terms of what can be served over the counter: Toys, teddies, sand cakes – endless possibilities. Through role-play and social interaction, children play out what they have observed from day-to-day shopping scenarios, and learn the first social rules.

The shop is always located at a low height, enabling shopkeepers and shoppers to communicate easily with each other, and the counter is supported to accommodate even the biggest elephant without it bending.

Can you catch the brightly coloured butterfly?

The transition between the two towers is an experience in itself. The sloping bridge features Olivia’s butterfly, whose wings are made of unbreakable transparent polycarbonate in red and yellow. This enables the children to see the world in a new light, but also to hide or to try and catch the butterfly’s wings when they light up on the floor. The sloping bridge challenges most children’s motor skills, as they find it difficult to balance on their short legs. The second tower offers access to the driving position, where the key, steering wheel and movable buttons will put even the most determined racers to the test, all the while training their fine motor skills. On top of which there is the slide, which will provide rushes of exhilaration and sheer joy while training both gross motor skills and balance.



Product Dimensions: (LxWxH) 2590 x 1980 x 1720mm

Safety Surface Area: 27m2

Safagrass Mats: 18 (27m2)

Perimeter: 21

Critical Fall Height: 0.6m