Philippa Early Years Foundation Stage Miniplay Unit

Philippa is a good size and accommodates many children at the same time. It will fulfill every toddler’s dreams for a playground, for example, a shop where everything can be bought over the counter or passed through the rubber ‘goods-in’ hatch. There is even a working bell. The sloping bridge trains motor skills and balance, while the world can be seen in a completely new perspective through the butterfly’s coloured wings, which light up in the sunshine. You can view our Miniplay range in the eyes of children through our product video

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  • Low Level Deck
  • High Upper Deck
  • Miniplay Bridge
  • Wiggly Window
  • Steering Wheel Game Panel
  • Door Bell
  • Letter Box
  • See Through Tree Panel
  • HDPE Slide
  • Shop Counter
  • HDPE 3D Engraved Panels
  • Stainless Steel Fixings
  • 20 Year Guarantee On Metal Supports

Children can also enjoy the sense of excitement in launching themselves down the slide, which will also make them feel confident with gravity and teach them about distance and speed.

Memory game for all ages

Philippa is packed with turning, spinning and moving features – among other things the moving flowers, butterflies and bees, which exercise children’s fine motor skills while also serving as topics for discussion and language training. One play panel which is particularly good at encouraging children to talk and for language training is the memory game. The four creatures represent different colours; the bottom two creatures crawl, and the top two fly. This soon prompts exchanges about animals and colours, and guessing where the creatures have hidden. At the same time, the game exercises the children’s fine motor skills and language skills.



Product Dimensions: (LxWxH) 3080 x 2690 x 1770mm

Safety Surface Area: 36m2

Safagrass Mats: 24 (36m2)

Perimeter: 24 l/m

Critical Fall Height: 0.6m