Pinchmill Lower School, Bedfordshire

Pinchmill Lower School, located in Felmersham contacted FLP with a view to replacing their existing worn-out trim trail and outdoor canopy system along with the supply and installation of a new outdoor learning space for the children and teachers. Working with the school, we managed the project to be installed over several phrases which can be seen below.

Phase 1 – Replacement Outdoor Canopy





Phase 2 – Replacing the Trim Trail

The school had an existing Trim Trail which was installed a number of years ago and could not be used all year round due to it being installed directly on to the grass. As the trail was manufactured from round log timbers, the school had a number of concerns with the splitting timbers during the warmer weather; these issues unfortunately forced the school to decommission the area on grounds of safety. Due to this issue selecting a stable laminated timber product was at the forefront of their decision making.



Phase 3 – Outdoor Learning Space

FLP installed alongside our Trim Trail a 4m Outdoor Classroom to provide the school with additional learning space in an outdoor environment. The Outdoor Classroom also featured a bespoke designed classroom table.