Inclusive DDA Wheelchair Childrens Roundabout

Spinning, twisting and turning are all elements children enjoy whilst playing. Whether it’s a traditional or contemporary playground roundabout, small or large diameter deigns you need to complete your play park we have the ideal product,

From timeless classics as the Spiro Whirl to our Dual Axis Solar Spinner there is a roundabout to suit any age and budget!.

So hold on! If you really want that tickle in the tummy, you need to hold on tight to any of our roundabouts or the spinners. These speedy items are good for motor skills and balance sense – and they have always been so popular on the playground.

Rapid head movement is beneficial for our inner ear and vestibular system – our body’s perception of itself in its surroundings. A strong vestibular system is important not only for our physical development, but also for our mental and functional skills.