Artificial Grass Playarea Surfacing

Installing an Artificial Grass Surfacing within your school or nursery will create an all-weather learning environment or simply turn a piece of waste ground into a low maintenance additional useable space. Artificial grass can also be installed to brighten up dull unexciting areas of tarmac or on areas of waterlogged grass providing these areas with a new lease of life and one’s children can use all year round.

We provide two systems – Multiplay 2.0 ideally suitable for play areas and Landscaping which suits areas where aesthetics are a priority

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  • All weather playground surfacing
  • Guaranteed for 5 years
  • Complied to EN1177
  • Perfect for play areas and commercial use.
  • Full repair service available

Multiplay Artificial Grass

Multiplay 2.0 is the ultimate solution for educational and playarea environments where a hardwearing artificial grass is required. It will stand up to high footfall and is suitable where options for colours and surfaces with impact absorbing capabilities are required. Multiplay 2.0 with a 24mm pile length is truly a multifunctional surface for both play areas and multigames areas. It offers a similar level of resilience and playability as conventional systems, but without the disadvantage of feeling like you’re playing on sand, unlike older systems.


Landscaping Artificial Grass

Our “landscaping” artificial grass is available in 26mm, 30mm and 36mm pile lengths all with natural looking “thatch” in the bottom of the pile. As the name suggests our landscaping range is best suited for installations where foot traffic is light and where the aesthetics is more important than the durability.



All artificial turf should be installed onto a prepared free draining flat surface with retaining pressure treated timber edgings. The flat surface is created in two ways, first by de-turfing and removing the existing vegetation or natural turf before a weed suppressant is laid. This is followed by a layer of sharp sand to provide a level surface which is retained by the timber edgings. Once leveled the new artificial turf is rolled out with all edges being fixed to the timber edgings. Where two edges meet the carpet is joined by adhesive applied to a wide seaming tape. All surfaces are finally dressed with a washed silicon sand which holds the grass in position, protects the artificial fibres, increases its resistance to fire, improves drainage, prevents static build up and ultimately protects the backing of the carpet.


Maintenance and Repair
In the event of accidental damage or vandalism nearly grass surfacing can easily be repaired either by our maintenance department (01354 638359 ext 201) or onsite by a competent person using one of our handy repair kits available from