Play Bark & Sand Loosefill Surfacing

Bark: This high quality graded Pine bark gives an attractive surface, which is well suited to most locations and for use with the majority of equipment.

Eco Timber: This is an environmentally friendly surface, produced from recycled timber products. The shredded timber gives an excellent impact absorbing properties and can be provided in a variety of colours.

Sand : In some situations playgrade sand is an effective loosefill surface. It is also a play medium in its own right.

Pea Shingle: This can be used as a decorative surface in large areas at a 100mm depth. It would normally be used for a pedestrian or seating area but can also be used underneath suitable pieces of equipment at a 300mm depth.

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  • Bark - high quality Pine bark
  • Eco Timber - recycled shredded timber
  • Sand - playgrade sand
  • Pea Shingle
  • Loosefill surfaces must be maintained at a depth of 300mm


The installation of any loose material under swings or other moving equipment is not recommended because of ease of displacement.  Additional length will need to be attended to any foundation legs for products being installed into and raised and excavated pit.


Loosefill surfaces can be laid onto the following bases –

  1. A raised pit surrounded by timber retaining boards to contain the loose fill material
  2. An excavated pit surround by pressure treated retaining boards and lined with a geotextile membrane to prevent the loose fill merging with the subbase. Where areas have poor drainage a layer of stone maybe required beneath the geotextile liner.
  3. The loose fill surfacing will require a minimum maintained depth of at least 300mm




Playground Bark is specially selected graded marine pine bark provides a very natural and tactile impact attenuating surfacing. It needs to be laid and maintained to a minimum depth of 300mm to comply with BS EN 1177.


Shingle and Play Sand

Play Sand  / Shingle consists of round granular ‘washed’ sand specifically for impact-absorbing surfacing.  It needs to be laid and maintained to a minimum depth of 300mm to comply with BS EN 1177.



All of our professional teams are CSCS (construction skills certification scheme) card holders with many years’ experience installing resin bound systems.


Maintenance and Repair
Loosefill surfaces whether Bark, Pea Shingle or Sand required daily inspection for contamination and regular raking and periodic topping up in order to maintain the minimum depth of 300mm.  If loosefill surfaces are installed under moving equipment, such as swings, more frequent raking will be required in order to refill eroded areas. All loosefill surfaces should be maintained at a minimum of 300mm