Softfall Synthetic Grass Surfacing

Fenplay Softfall is an environmentally friendly tough hard wearing synthetic sand filled surface which requires minimal maintenance, surfacing can be installed and is designed for use all year round providing a fully synthetic all weather impact surfacing without breaking the bank.

We are also able to incorporate graphics into our Softfall to enhance play value, these can include roadways, traffic signs, shapes, games and many more.

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  • A low cost full colour all-weather safer surface
  • Guaranteed for 5 years
  • Low maintainance
  • Modules to suit all critical fall height situations
  • Continuous Surface not hollow section like some matting products
  • Minimum installation disturbance, minimum excavations, minimum waste disposal.
  • All year round installation
  • Tested by the RPRA in accordance with BSEN 1177:1998 criteria
  • Full repair service available

Fenplay Softfall

Match-winner™ a sophisticated needle punched carpet, specifically developed and manufactured as a surfacing material for outdoor sport and children’s play. The material is designed to be filled with special sand, to hold the sand firmly in place; the 100% polypropylene pile has vertical, horizontal and angular fibres. These fibres known by the acronym VHAF trap stabilise the sand infill to provide maximum durability with minimum maintenance requirements.


Whether used on its own or as a wearing surface for our Fenplay Softfall impact attenuating systems, Match-winner™ provides an attractive and long lasting alternative to other surfacing systems but, to keep the surface in peak condition, some minor maintenance may be required from time to time. Below is the schedule which, if followed, will ensure that your Match-winner™ surface last as long as intended under normal levels of activity.


The surfaces should be checked as part of a normal routine. It may be convenient to do this when carrying out safety checks on equipment but in any case surfaces should be checked regularly for signs of damage, accidental or other wise.


Nearly grass surfacing system is designed to be laid onto the following bases –

  • Natural soil subbase blinded with compacted sharp sand / MOT type 1
  • All bases will require a perimeter timber edging of  38mm x 63mm supported with 50mm x 50mm edging stakes



All of our professional teams are CSCS (construction skills certification scheme) card holders with many years’ experience installing resin bound systems.


Maintenance and Repair

In the event of accidental damage or vandalism wet pour surfacing can easily be repaired either by our maintenance department (01354 638359 ext 201) or onsite by a competent person using one of our handy wet pour repair kits available from