Tube Slides

Tube slides can be either incorporated within a multiplay or used as an embankment slide, there uses are endless.

Our tube slides are composed of different parts – different length straight tubes, different angle bend sections, exit chutes … There are so many ways to put these together!

Product Code: MFTUBE

Age Range: 2 to adults

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  • Constructed from 9mm Polyethenlene
  • Low maintentainance
  • Curved sections of 32°, 38°, or 45°
  • Window Sections available

Designed to suit your needs.


We can combine the different components of our tube slides to create a slide to suit the needs of each individual project. Our components include curved sections with 32°, 38°, or 45° bends, windows, t sections and of course different straight sections all supplied in either Red, Yellow, Green or Blue


Made from 9mm eco-friendly, splinter-proof polyethylene provides a slide with no fissures with each section being fixed together with flange and 24 bolts all guaranteeing a very solid construction.


All maintenance free materials.